Beauty For Ashes Womens Retreat

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Smaller donations of $25  / $50  / $75 are greatly appreciated or sponsorship of one lady for $300 and an invitation to the graduation Service on 9/15/24. All Proceeds go to Raise Praise Ministries Inc.

This is a 4-hour service. On this day we will hear the stories and personal experiences with the 3-day retreat that each sponsor contributed to. A light brunch will be served with coffee and drinks.


We are organizing a three-day Christ-centered retreat that will be held at The Gathering Place, 1315 15th Ave, Bradenton Florida on September 13th, 14th, and 15th 2024.

The main objective of this retreat is to provide a safe space for 10 women to come together, share their stories, and receive hope and healing without fear of judgment. The program is designed to offer women an immersive and transformative experience focusing on forgiveness, biblical truths, self-care, creative journaling, and testimonials.

We seek sponsors who share our values and believe in the power of God's healing, restoration, and mending of broken relationships, especially the bond between mothers and daughters. Our list of candidates is both for women and mother-daughter pairs who are ready to face their fears and unafraid to let go of the shame that binds them from understanding their identity and the true meaning of life. We believe freedom is only found in Jesus Christ.

Your support would be invaluable to the success of this women's retreat. The sponsorship cost for each is $300, and any small donation is greatly appreciated. This includes the cost of a two-day stay at the lodge, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, celebration cake, 10 journals, and a $60 self-care bag each. All together totaling $3,000.

Additionally, on the third and final day of the retreat, special guest speakers will be present for a church service, and the women will share their stories and how this experience impacted their lives. We would be honored to have you join us on that Sunday 9/15/24, and witness the power of God’s love on this special occasion.

We strongly believe that collaborating with you would improve the quality of our retreat and strengthen your dedication to spreading God's restoration among women through Ministry.

Your consideration of this sponsorship request would mean the world to us.

This is a tax-deductible sponsorship and all donations are tax-deductible as well.

Thank you so much for your time and attention. We're excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to create a transformative and spiritually uplifting retreat that will touch the hearts of many women.

Warmest regards,

Jeannie Vazquez

Event Coordinator and Art Facilitator